Claudia Martínez Garay

Todos los perros van al cielo / All dogs go to Heaven


Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Perú.

"Doggie's Heaven" and "In-herences" were part of the 12 Cuenca Bienal in Ecuador, 2014.

In the “Confidences and Omissions” series we can see a selection of 11 books that discusses the subject of the peruvian conflict from different enunciation points. From the book by a renowned journalist to a retired military officer. Everyone trying to show their version of something as complex and still unclear of what happened in the andes.

These books have been reproduced in plaster, covering the fragil adobe structure behind it.

Cielo de Perritos / Doggie's Heaven

Ink on paper Triptych 100 x 70 cm each 

This artwork seeks to show the place that dogs have taken in war, like the hanging dog, bomb dog, messenger dog, police dog, guard dog, etc. Everyone had to play a role in the place which they were born. Reality define us. This drawings are based on photographic archives of war, occurred in Peru and other countries.