1. Haya vive / Haya lives

    Haya vive / Haya lives

  2. Sucia Estrella / Filthy Star

    cut and drawing on plexiglass
    104 x 110 x 4 cm.

  3. What do we see when we see a star painted on a wall? What do we see, when on her, signs in a group with more than 60 years of active presence in Peruvian politics?

    Perhaps we not see everything behind it, or in front, of that symbol, or how it came to be what it is today. Perhaps we need to work out a little bit to recognize what is behind the star, and in it ́s followers, and notice the violent acts they have done to pursue their goals. Maybe we should get closer to see what is behind this party, that was considered in its beginning terrorist, and when already in power they managed to hide their responsability in their bloody actions. We need to approach to recognize, remember, and compare, because it takes nothing more than a little light to see the violence, authoritarianism and human rights violations. Perhaps we only see what we want to see, as we prefer to forget.

    Haya and his historical buffaloes. Alan and the corpses of Los Molinos (Junin, 1989). The old ideologist with left wing agenda, and the young man drunk of power. A political party that struggles for power at any price and does not hesitate to betray their deepest roots. A party that cleans up their mistakes rather than learning from them.

    Hugo Martínez Garay - writer

  4. 2nd Prize in the II Alfa Romeo’s Contest of Painting and Mixed Media finalist ́s Works. ARTCO Gallery. Lima.