Claudia Martínez Garay

Perú Profundo: Elevó, Oprimió, Arrastró / Deep Peru: Raised, Opressed, Dragged*


sculpture instalation (cement, adobe, wood)
three pieces of 70 x 100 cm.

*Raised, Opressed, Dragged, are some of the most significant words from the peruvian national anthem.

The map of Peru and its boundaries are the limits of our geopolitic portion, and its representation, engraved in our memory, is the contoured and flat shape, which contradicts the reality itself, there are elevations, accidents and depressions, volume and gaps.

The map in concrete is the official, the known and valid, where the mountain is the highest. However, when talking about the mountain, it is colloquially called Deep Peru. It is understood the inverse.

The official does not equal the real. To build is not the same as establish. Progress does not equal development.

Our recent history reveals us as a country fractured in two, the official Peru and the real Peru (deep Peru). Where one takes over and builds on the other. One defines and marks the other. Both worlds give themselves the back.

When trying to copy, or leave the footprint of the concrete matrix in the adobe (mud and straw), the result is not equal to the original, but the opposite. It is the deep Perú.

I used to think that, in order to the reconciliation to come, the war had to end, now I know that the first must begin in order that this one finishes. Frontal facing and the mixture could be the beginning. 

1st Prize in the XIV National Art Contest Passport for an Artist, organized by the Alianza Francesa de Lima. Centro Cultural PUCP, Lima.